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The Tennessee Titans are approaching Herd Immunity | COVID-19

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

If you are a Titans fan like myself right now, it's time for Herd Immunity.

We are seeing on Twitter, ESPN and other Sports outlets that the upcoming Bills-Titans game "is in jeopardy"



1) Create a Week 18 (like there was in the 90s in the NFL)

2) Cancel this game and base playoff spots based off of winning % (like the MLB. Ask the Marlins. They enjoying this year) 3) Move our game to Monday or Tuesday night, then move Buffalo's TNF game for Week 6 to Saturday.

Idiotic Solutions:

1) Forfeit this upcoming game, giving the Titans an L in our record and give Buffalo the tiebreaker and a L in the AFC. 2) Throw the hammer down on the Titans with the punishment that is greater than BountyGate, Deflategate, or Spygate. Ridiculous to punish the Titans over something that has a 99.95% healthy recovery rate from COVID, according to the CDC. Worse than deflating the Football, spying on your opponents, or bounties on Brett Favre's and Alex Smith's heads and legs?

The NFL is also to blame here. They set this precedent when Tom Brady held similar practices with his teammates in "COVID hotbed" Florida, and the NFL and NFLPA advised against it, not punish him or the Bucs. The NFL were not prepared for such outbreak to occur.

Noted Outkick's Dr. David Chao. How someone gets COVID:

Use getting sunburn as an example . You walk outside for 5-10 minutes in the sunlight, walk back inside, you are not going to be sunburnt. If you stay out in the sun for over 2-3 hours in the sunlight, you are burnt. People talk about Gilmore's interaction with Mahomes post game. "is Patrick Mahomes gonna get COVID now?". Answer is no. Patrick spent only a few seconds with Gilmore on the field. Not over 2-3 hours of interactions.

The only reason the Titans are going to be forced to forfeit the game against Buffalo, is if the NFL finds OUTSTANDING evidence showing the Titans purposefully not following COVID protocol. No such evidence exists yet. The Titans players who did the Wednesday workouts told AtoZ sports that the NFL did NOT tell them not to do that until the next day on Thursday. Unless the NFL has proof and shows they did tell the Team not to do that before hand, then all bets are off, but until such evidence emerges, stop the fear porn, we ain't coughing up automatic L's with forfeits. At this point the more tests coming back positive, the better. Because look at Clemson and LSU, both squads had over 40 players test positive when they were doing Summer Training. Those 2 teams are pretty much Herd Immune. The Titans (whether you disagree with the CDC numbers or not) are approaching Herd Immunity and in the long term for this season, will be beneficial for us. Per the CDC, Reinfection with SARS-CoV-2 has not yet been definitively confirmed in any recovered persons to date.

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