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Doctor Strange in Marvel Studios Spider-Man 3 | Thoughts

Per The Hollywood Reporter,

"The move puts Cumberbatch in the mentor role that was previously occupied by Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury."


Doctor Strange is now joining Marvel's Spider-Man 3. With the report a week ago saying Jamie Foxx is returning to reprise his role as Electro in Marvel's Spider-Man 3, there is going to only fuel the speculation of will we be seeing the opening of the LIVE Action Spider-Verse with the inclusion of (supposedly) The Amazing Spider-Man 2's Electro and could we have Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire return as Spider-Man uniting on screen with Tom Holland's Spider-Man, bringing full circle the previous Spider-Man's on screen and acknowledging the previous Spider-Man films since 2002's Spider-Man release, as official canon with the beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe by way with the Multiverse.

Jamie Foxx posted this photo on his Instagram page teasing the Spider-Verse concept, but if you look at this photo, this can be viewed as taking inspiration from the Oscar Winning Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, and Jamie Foxx said in his post here saying, "I'm not going to be Blue in this one..." You look at the photo here, he is clearly blue. I believe that (weirdly, but could be brilliant by Marvel) Jamie Foxx is playing Electro, but a different take on the character. So think of the Electro we saw in Spider-Man PS4, but put Jamie Foxx in that look. That, and making Max Dillion/Electro a more compelling character than he was in 2014's Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Back to the Doctor Strange news though, people rightfully so will be buzzing about this, and normally I would be too, but when looking at THR's quote saying "The move puts Cumberbatch in the mentor role that was previously occupied by Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury," I'm of the mindset that he will appear here and there in the movie, but not a major role. The movie will be about Spider-Man vs. Electro (and/or other villains set to appear in the film), and Doctor Strange will serve to move the story forward more like Iron Man and Nick Fury in the 1st two MCU Spider-Man films.

Marvel Studios is once again taking point on this 3rd Spider-Man film with their partnership with Sony still riding high (despite last year Disney wanting to get more $$$ from profit sharing, and co-production rights from Sony concerning the webhead than per original deal they struck with Sony back in 2015). Marvel, Disney, and Sony can do whatever twists and turns that they want to with this movie, but my one fear about this announcement, is that Marvel and Sony is going to be adapting one of the most hated storylines from Spider-Man comics "One More Day." Marvel Studios and Sony can do the Clone Saga in some form or fashion! But DO NOT, USE the "One More Day" Spider-Man arc as inspiration for this 3rd MCU Spider-Man movie.

Outside of that, Marvel's Spider-Man 3 is shaping up to be a blast with Spider-Man again and see what Marvel Studios can pull out of the hat this go around to round out the MCU Spider-Man trilogy.

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