• Joshua P. Mickle

2020 U.S. Elections. What's going to happen? | Thoughts

Wanted to just spitball what I'm seeing and what I believe is going to happen come November 3, 2020.

Here's what possibly could happen. Like in 2016 when Trump won, it's parallel to the NFL Tennessee Titans upsetting and ending the Patriot Dynasty in the 2019 Postseason.

In 2020, the predictions for Trump is so similar to that with the Titans again in 2019 the following week after beating the Patriots going into the Ravens game. EVERY SINGLE "Expert" said the Titans have ZERO CHANCE to beat the #1 seeded Ravens. The "Experts" are saying Trump has ZERO CHANCE to do it again.

I see history repeating itself. Trump is going to be re-elected and the outrage from hard core liberals and the MSM is going to be glorious to watch yet again!

It's possible that Joe Biden could win on November 3, and if that happens, then like Obama in 2008 and 2012 getting elected, the sky isn't going to come falling down. God is still in control and he knows what happens today, tomorrow, the day of election and what will happen on November 4.

Whoever wins or loses, it is not reason to go to the streets and throw a hissy fit just because your "guy" didn't win the election. The world will keep on turning, no matter who is elected November 3. Be safe out there.

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